It’s hard to know if health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s performance is best assessed by his level of popularity, or whether his preferred measure of success is how obscure he can remain by keeping the NHS out of the news.

If the latter is best, he seems to be doing very well indeed. A recent story in the Guardian reported that Facebook, the social networking site which young people use to organise fights and middle aged people use to show off their children, is experimenting with charging users to be able to contact “celebrities”.

The charges vary depending on – among other things – how many people want to send messages to the celebrity in question, and how big and loyal a following they have.

Apparently the national Olympic disappointment Tom Daley is the pinnacle of celebrity, and will cost £11 if you want to send him a message. Lower down the scale is the noted novelist Salman Rushdie, who costs £10.08.

At the bottom of the pile were comedians Miranda Hart and Bill Bailey, and Mr Hunt, at 71p per message.