End Game confesses to being slightly behind the times when it comes to Twitter, although the “microblogging” sensation has been taken up by none other than the HSJ news team (www.twitter.com/HSJnews) and editor (www.twitter.com/richardHSJ).

But when NHS trusts start getting in on the act you know something has reached the mainstream - for Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital foundation trust has now logged in to the world of social networking with its own “tweets”.

The trust is in good local company - one of the most popular Twitterers around is actor, writer, presenter and all round national treasure Stephen Fry, who was brought up in Norfolk and now has a holiday home in the county.

So purely in the interests of research we compared the two. Mr Fry (415,000 followers) seems to tweet in a sort of stream of consciousness way - recent updates include: “Lots of ‘nice tan, Stephen!’ calls from people I’ve met on the way around London today. Feel slightly guilty. But only slightly.”, “Runnng machine: iPod flew across the room as my arm fouled the earphone cable. Then I shot backwards. Mayhem.” and “Spammers seem to have given up trying to persuade me to do something about my manhood length and now it’s all açai juice and replica watches.”

The trust’s updates (www.twitter.com/nnuh - 37 followers) are a bit more prosaic, being concerned with news and events from around the organisation. Highlights include the appearance of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital accident and emergency team on a BBC3 programme, a new heart attack centre and press releases on the trust’s infection control rates and research discoveries.

All no doubt worthy stuff but what End Game would like to see is Twittering from NHS managers, of all levels.

Who will be the first chief executive to step forward?