This column’s protracted War on Jargon has often felt like a futile battle.

But great warriors thrive in the face of adversity and evidence this week that new NHS “partner” organisations were introducing their own management piffle to our already linguistically sullied sector has only strengthened our resolve. 

The latest crime against the English language comes courtesy of the Technology Strategy Board, an arm’s length management organisation charged with driving innovation.

A senior figure addressing a conference on health innovation last week introduced the audience to its “stratified medicine catapult”.

Apparently, a “catapult” is “a technology and innovation centre where businesses, scientists and engineers can work to transform ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth”.

So… an office? Anyway this all sounds jolly laudable but the word “catapult” conjures images of rampaging Norman ruffians storming a motte and bailey fort circa 1066, or Dennis the Menace causing havoc in the Beano.  

End Game is concerned at the prospect of all these ideas hurtling about everywhere, and hopes someone will invent a “stratified medicine net” to catch them.