Separating the tweet from the chafe around the blogosphere, a twit begins to tweet.

  • To: Don Wise
  • From: Paul Servant, assistant chief executive
  • Re: A twit tweets

What is worse? Being fired by email, or abolished on TV? If one is “completely unacceptable”, what is the other?

Re the Foundation Trust Network’s divorce from the confederation: surely it’s time for the FTN to rename itself the Any Unwilling Provider Network?

In fact the FTN/confed split is exactly within the spirit of the new NHS. The profitable bit is cherry-picked whilst the rump consists of organisations that will cease to exist. I guess it’s a case of no FTN, no comment. (Am I turning into a Sun sub-editor?)

And what will consortia join when they are created? A cartel, a cabal, clique, cell or caucus? Can’t imagine the AA would want them to join as the breakdown rate would bankrupt it.

I have started to have feel around the blogosphere and it’s a revelation. Take this example from the aptly named David Nutall, Tory MP for Bury North, and his suicidally open message board, which features the comment:

“As I and most people with half a brain knew Fairfield Maternity Unit would close, the people of the area should not be surprised that the decision has gone against common sense.

“Andrew Lansley knew that the only way to get votes was to kid the voters with the promise of keeping Fairfield open… I am aware Labour were going to close Fairfield, which I was dead against, but at least they did not lie and try to dupe the voters… Telling lies is par for the course for Tory governments over the years but this lot take the biscuit for deceit.”

I bet Tehran DGH doesn’t have these problems.

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