Should our health religion be a matter between our doctors and us?

To: Don Wise

From: Paul Servant

Re: Cultural blasphemy

Dear Don

This culture thing is tricky. How to put the patient at the centre of everything we do when we have always claimed to be doing that? How to make staff feel valued, fulfilled and secure when we have always had that in our top five objectives? How to change the culture wholesale to one we have always claimed existed? How to refresh the leadership team with the same people in charge?

So how do we skip up the seven steps to cultural heaven that our dear leader blogged about so compellingly? And what happens when we get to cultural heaven? I have to say I’m slightly confused about the heaven bit, a concept rejected by Marx you’ll recall, which I thought was reserved for dead people. Does this mean we can only reach cultural heaven with a stonkingly high death rate? Is there a divine judgement process and will access to heaven be based on HSMR or SHMI?

More fundamentally, is the NHS now following a monotheistic religion worshipping cultural heaven, a self-declared leadership god and chief inspector angels? Or should other heavens and gods be worshipped too? If I get to cultural heaven can I ignore finance hell and politics purgatory? And what happens when the gods of culture, finance and politics argue? And what of the fashionable cults of information, procurement and commissioning with their own languages and practices?

It’s so difficult to know which way to pray. Should our health religion be a personal matter between our doctor and ourselves, or should we follow the prophets in their strategic cathedrals? After all, it’s not as if anyone has ever invented a new religion to absolve them of past sins before?

Personally, I shall be praying to the sun god for the next few weeks for a mild and dry winter.