Standing for Parliament is never easy - as former United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust chief executive Gary Walker is finding out.

Mr Walker, who is standing as an independent in Lincoln, put a video deploring MPs’ expenses claims on YouTube the day his candidacy was announced.

The video itself is fair enough - a Lily Allen song as the soundtrack, stills of MPs and their outrageous claims, and a link to Mr Walker’s website. But he may have been less pleased with the “related videos” that YouTube has listed next to his.

On the day End Game viewed it, these included a British National Party video, one suggesting “Make Iris Robinson History” (labelled as homophobic) and one which referred to our politicians in unprintable language. “I’ve got absolutely no control over what comes up after the video,” said Mr Walker, who is swift to point out he has nothing to do with the BNP, Mrs Robinson or, indeed, the other one.