• Mayo Clinic to launch private diagnostics clinic in London with Oxford partnership 
  • Money made through clinic will be invested back into Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust 
  • Trust says it is “too early to speculate” financial benefit of new clinic

A large teaching trust has teamed up with Oxford University and a major US healthcare provider to launch a private diagnostics clinic in London.

In 2017 the Oxford University Clinic – a partnership between Oxford University and Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust – joined forces with the Mayo Clinic, “agreeing to work together to drive advances in medical research”.

In its first joint venture, the partnership has announced the launch of a new private screening and diagnostics clinic in Portland Place, London, which is due to open in September.

Funds made through the running of the clinic will be divided between the partnership but a spokesman for OUH said it is “too early to speculate about the financial benefit of the new clinic”.

As the investment, the size of which neither party would disclose, is long term, the trust “does not expect to see returns immediately”, but any additional money is expected to be “reinvested in research, teaching and clinical care”.

OUH chief executive Bruno Holthof said: “This unique collaboration will allow Oxford and Mayo researchers and clinicians to work together in research, teaching and clinical care to make advances in medicine. Together we will be able to attract more talent and funding to create better health outcomes for our patients.”

Medical director of the partnership Stephen Cassivi said the clinic will be kitted out with “state of the art” MRI and CT scanners, as well as an endoscopy suite.

Citing the reasons behind the decision to work with the Oxford partnership, Dr Cassivi said the Mayo team “did not want to come into the UK market alone”, adding “there is learning for us to do”.

He said: “The idea of what we’re providing is a unique offering. Not only in that it brings a unique partnership together of Mayo and Oxford but it allows for us to really move towards individualised and proactive care.

“We will also bring a real elevation of the co-ordination of care. Patients aren’t going to be sent off to another clinic. The idea here is that we will provide the information and the answers under one roof.”