STRUCTURE: Commissioning functions have been delegated to three out of Birmingham and Solihull’s five clinical commissioning groups.

Commissioning functions will be delegated to Birmingham CCG, South Central Birmingham CCG and Solihull Health CCG.

Primary care trust cluster board papers for April say commissioning functions for Sandwell and West Birmingham will delegated to Sandwell PCT.

For North East Birmingham CCG, a “support team” has been put in place to work with the CCG. The team will “undertake the work required to represent themselves at a board to board process on 21 May 2012”. The cluster retains the commissioning responsibility for that area for the time being.

The papers also reveal that boundaries have nearly been agreed for the new bodies.

Birmingham CCG will be responsible for commissioning in all the wards it encompasses, plus Edgbaston and Tyburn wards, which it has the majority population.

It will lead on performance and contractual matters on behalf of other CCGs for the University Hospital Birmingham and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital providers.

The Birmingham South Central CCG will be responsible only for the wards it fully encompasses. Edgbaston ward will be subject to final agreement. Birmingham South Central will lead on the following providers: Birmingham Women’s Hospital; Birmingham Community Health and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Further discussions will take place between Solihull Health CCG and Birmingham CCG on the Sheldon ward.

Solihull Health will lead on contracting with Heart of England Foundation Trust.