HSJ has produced commissioning ratings for every “sustainability and transformation partnership” in England, based on the new assessments of clinical commissioning groups published by NHS England.

NHS England annually rates each CCG as either outstanding; good; requires improvement; or inadequate.

HSJ has aggregated the latest CCG ratings, published last week, into their relevant STPs and weighted the scores to take account of differing population sizes.

According to the analysis:

  • The worst STPs were Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Both of these STPs only have one CCG
  • Frimley Health was the best STP, receiving an overall score of 1.38
  • Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw also scored highly, being rated 1.56 and 1.55 respectively

Explore the map to discover the ratings for each region.


Purple (Best rating) = 1 to 1.5; 

Blue = 1.5 to 2;

Green = 2 to 2.5;

Yellow = 2.5 to 3; 

Orange = 3 to 3.5;

and Red (Worst rating) = 3.5 to 4.




An outstanding CCG rating equated to a score of one, a good rating scored two, requires improvement scored three, and inadequate scored four.

Using that methodology, each STP was given a score between one and four, based on the weighted average of the CCGs within the patch. The map uses eight colours to show the variation of weighted averages.