NHS England has accepted revised financial forecasts from 14 clinical commissioning groups, its mid-year report shows.

The national body has signalled that further downward revisions will be required by other CCGs, as more than 90 are reporting overspends against their plans after the first six months of the year.

Local commissioners are required to follow a formal process before NHS England accepts a revised forecast and more CCGs are likely to do so over the coming months.

The mid-year positions and forecasts for every CCG are published here.

NHS England accepted in-year overspends for the following CCGs

 CCGMid-year position against plan (£m)Forecast year-end position against plan (£m)
Kernow 0.0 -17.7
Northumberland -7.9 -15.8
North Derbyshire  -9.8 -15
Bristol  -1.5 -11.1
Barnet -2.2 -8.2
South Gloucestershire  -3.3 -8.1
Bexley -2.4 -7
Vale of York -2.8 -6.9
Trafford -3 -6.1
Scarborough and Ryedale -2.8 -3.8
Solihull -1.8 -3.7
NHS North Somerset  -1.2 -2.9
Croydon -2.9 -0.1
Great Yarmouth and Waveney 0.0 -0.1

Of the remaining CCGs, the following reported the largest mid-year overspends

 CCGMid-year position against plan (£m)Forecast year end position against plan (£m)
Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford -12.0 0.0
Wakefield -9.0 0.0
Bedfordshire -7.7 0.0
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough -5.9 0.0
Southend -5.3 0.0
Morecambe Bay -5.1 0.0
Horsham and Mid Sussex -4.6 0.0
Somerset -4.4 0.0
Coastal West Sussex -4.3 0.0
East Leicester and Rutland -3.5 0.0

The financial performance figures published by NHS England exclude the benefit of £360m which CCGs have been told to keep in reserve to offset budget deficits in the provider sector.