The GP lead on the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention programme has announced he will not be seeking a position on the NHS Commissioning Board.

National clinical lead for quality and productivity Sir John Oldham has been leading QIPP workstreams on long term conditions and urgent care. He will complete the work he is doing on system redesign and piloting the year-of-care tariff before leaving when his contact comes to an end in late 2012.

Sir John told HSJ in future he wanted to focus on improving the quality of GP provision, although he has nothing definite lined up yet.

He said: “There are going to be significant changes for GPs as providers of care and I think it’s really important to do what we can to raise the quality of GP practice. I want to devote the next stage of what I do to that and I can do that better from outside the commissioning board.”

Sir John, who was led a number of national programmes since the late 1990s, was head of the primary care development team under the Labour government.

He warned the commissioning board should make sure it did not recreate the “balance of inputs” found in the Department of Health, with its heavy bias towards secondary care.

“My own belief is we should be creating a set off affiliates at the front line around the country - nurses, allied health professionals, doctors and managers who continue their day job but can be bought in for task and finish work so we keep a current between the centre and the frontline,” he said.