WORKFORCE: Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust is consulting on three options for its future structure after taking on provision of children’s community health services.

Under the transforming community services programme the mental health trust took on provision of children’s services from NHS Cornwall and Isle of Scilly on 18 February.

The current structure of the service includes an associate director of children’s services and seven senior managers with different areas of responsibility including the primary mental health lead and the head of speech and language therapy. Retaining this structure is one option, but is the least likely.

Two alternative options are also being proposed. Both involve eight locality teams based around geographic areas and integrating different professions including health visitors, school nurses, psychologists, medical staff, administration staff, primary mental health workers and child adolescent mental health workers. Professional leadership will be provided across the localities by designated professional leads.

Under the first alternative option professional leads will be overseen by an early years senior manager and a school age senior manager who will be answerable to an associate director/medical lead and psychology professional lead. This will allow for a reduction of three whole time equivalents in the senior management structure.

The second alternative option will have three senior managers and a nurse consultant overseeing the eight localities and answerable to an associate director and psychology lead. The senior management structure will also include a therapy lead who will answer to the psychology lead.