• Two hundred military officers have been sent to work within hospitals across the Midlands 
  • Comes after reports that 200 officers had also been sent to hospitals in London

Around 200 Army medics and other personnel have been sent to work in hospitals in the Midlands, HSJ understands.

It comes after a similar number of officers was deployed to London’s hospitals last week.

It is unclear exactly how they will be used but the deployment is thought to include medical combat technicians, as well as other officers who could be used in non-clinical roles such as portering and family liaison.

It is part of a national agreement in which 400 officers have been offered to NHS England nationally.

According to the latest data, covid-19 admissions continued to climb at certain Midlands trusts this week, while many London providers appeared to have reached their peak.

Meanwhile, in hard-hit Birmingham, the local specialist hospital Birmingham Women and Children’s FT have sent around 80 members of staff to support the struggling University Hospitals Birmingham FT.

HSJ also reported last week the Midlands had the second highest staff sickness absence rate in December. This was largely driven by covid-19 which accounted for half of reported absences.

An NHS spokesperson said: “The NHS is grateful to the 400 military personnel working in hospitals in the Midlands and London, alongside doctors, nurses and others who have returned to the NHS front line and tens of thousands of St John volunteers working across the country.”