FINANCE: NHS Coventry has identified quality, innovation, productivity and prevention as a high risk financial issue, and has set out plans for a backloaded savings plan.

The primary care trust did not set a cost improvement programme in 2008-09 or 2009-10, following a turnaround plan implemented in 2006-07. However, it made a “modest” £4m saving in 2010-11, including £2.8m of QIPP savings.

This year, its QIPP target is £23.5m. The level of QIPP savings is set to rise each year to 2014-15, when it will reach £35.1m, giving a cumulative five-year total of £127.4m.

The trust’s legacy document identifies the “ability to maintain financial balance over the medium term” as a key risk.

It says: “There are significant delivery risks. Plans [are] now embedded in provider contract but not to the extent originally envisaged.

“Clinical leadership and an agreed cluster-level capacity plan remain key to sustainable and successful delivery,” it adds.