FINANCE: Coventry PCT delivered an additional £500,000 in savings on top of meeting its surplus target for 2010-11, despite a more than £10m over-performance in acute and non-acute commissioning.

The trust’s unaudited year-end surplus hit £6.25m for the year, above the target of £5.75m.

Acute commissioning overspent by £5.2m, while non-acute commissioning overspent by a similar amount. Prescribing was a further £1.3m over-budget.

However the trust’s balance sheet shows it received £5.2m in “central commitments”, £2.1m in “health strategy investment” and registered a further £3.5m through its 1 per cent contingency reserve.

The PCT’s community health services under-spent by £316,000, with pay £1.6m below budget due to vacancies across a number of services.

Corporate pay costs also finished the year £1.7m under budget.