FINANCE: Coventry primary care trust has proposed that nearly £1m of ring-fenced money for reablement services be transferred to the city’s council.

PCT board papers show that the body has been allocated £994,000 of recurrent funding for 2011-12 for post-discharge support.

The papers say: “Although there is no national requirement to do so, it is proposed that the 2011-12 reablement monies are transferred to the local authority via a Section 256 agreement in order to complement existing investment in intermediate care and related services.”

The PCT said it entered into a similar arrangement last year, transferring £464,000 of reablement monies and over £1m of “winter pressures allocation”.

It noted that in 2012-13, responsibility and funding for patients within 30 days after discharge will move to acute providers – but it is not yet clear where this money will come from.

“Accordingly a decision to enter into a further Section 256 agreement for 2012-13 will be taken later in the financial year once there is greater clarity on the future arrangements,” the papers state.