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STP could move faster

In a charge that might be more widely levelled at the varying pace of change in Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, a departing hospital chief executive has told HSJ her STP could move faster.

Referring to Kent and Medway STP, the well regarded Lesley Dwyer said: ”We have been part of an STP for a couple of years and we really need to pick up the pace and say we are going to do things to improve health. We are still all in our own little fiefdoms.

”People have had bad experiences in the past when they have tried to do things. If you have been around the system for a long time then there is a reticence to do things.”

Chief executive of the STP Glenn Douglas pointed to achievements made by the partnership in reducing out-of-area treatment for mental health patients, bringing a new medical school to the county and helping secure £19.5m in capital funding.

New money for learning disabilites?

This week NHS England announced new funding to improve community services for people with learning difficulties.

The national commissioning body said £76.6m would go into the Transforming Care Programme to move people out of hospitals.

But only £23.6m of this is coming from the body’s transformation fund with the remainder being the money it is planning to save on decommissioning beds.

Former care minister Norman Lamb had earlier in the week criticised the progress against the national commitment to shift where care was provided – branding it ”a failure”.

Earlier in the week he had called the programme a failure as many areas have not yet set up the staffing to support adults and children with learning difficulties to live in their own homes.