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Senior doctors are arguing for independent reviews into the preparedness of the NHS for a second covid surge – with some even suggesting a new body should be formed.

Royal colleges have told HSJ that reviews should be taking place now into the quality of care provided during the first three months of the pandemic and what could be learned should a second wave occur.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has said the data for these reviews should be collected by NHS England but interpreted by a body formed of royal college and academic representatives.

They said it is important this body sits outside organisational structures to ensure its independence. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said this is open to discussion.

It comes as there are major concerns about the knock-on effects of covid – such as cancelling planned operations and dentistry and people being afraid to access urgent treatment.

Power to the People Plan

The interim People Plan – published a year ago this month – was clear how workforce planning would be devolved to regional integrated care systems.

And now further detail on this has emerged, with sources confirming regional “people boards” are to be set up.

It is expected London will be the first area to set up their board, which will be chaired by East London Foundation Trust’s soon to be departing chief executive Navina Evans.

It has been suggested these plans represent yet another layer of bureaucracy but equally, has workforce planning and education been managed centrally for too long?