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GPs, wish you weren’t here?

Sorry, workworn practitioners of Britain: this is not a guide to whether the Cotswolds or Caribbean are the most enjoyable escape location. Nor to how best to prematurely cash in on the pension pot, leaving your laggardly bleeding-heart colleagues at the Village Practice in the lurch and holding the lease. There are other websites for that.

Instead we bring you, in technical terms, the health economies which are most likely to face large proportion of GPs retiring; on the basis they have the largest share aged 55 and over.

Here’s the story - areas with both an ageing workforce and existing low coverage of GPs by population include some of the usual suspects for GP and workforce gripes: Essex, Kent and Lincolnshire.

Here it is on a map: Regions with the most GPs nearing retirement.

Avoiding private providers

It’s not easily achieved, but everyone’s happy about NHS providers and commissioners finally coming to work together across a health economy, with the overriding aim of keeping within the area’s NHS pound… aren’t they?

Oh wait, anyone who isn’t an NHS provider and depends on the NHS commissioner pound might have reason to be peeved. All the financial incentive is now to channel the NHS commissioning budget into local NHS trust income; so the “system control total” can be met… isn’t it?

That’s not just private providers of elective care - which are discussed in Lawrence Dunhill’s latest Following the Money newsletter. It might also be private firms in the care sector or mental health, third sector recipients, out of area NHS providers, even recipients of personal health budgets? Perhaps we’re just being cynical.