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Reporting regime ramps up

As any fool knows, any operational challenge in the NHS requires a healthily disproportionate reporting regime. So it offered much comfort to reveal this week that, while a national “operational response centre” had gone live to deal with any fallout from a no-deal Brexit, NHS providers are now subject to fresh data collections to monitor preparations.

In a letter sent to all trusts, Keith Willett, NHS England’s EU exit strategic commander (yes - that’s really the job title), said: “The Department [of Health and Social Care] is establishing a national operational response centre (ORC) which includes NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England.

“This will lead on responding to any disruption to the delivery of health and care services in England, that may be caused or affected by EU exit.”

Bedding in

HSJ revealed that under plans being drawn up by one trust in the south east of England – the frontline of Brexit paralysis prep – NHS staff could be asked to sleep at their workplace if travel is disrupted under a no-deal.

And if that sounds radical, Kent Community Health Foundation Trust is also threatening to make more use of the voluntary sector, use Skype, and upgrade some telephones – the kind of things ardent reformers have been seeking for decades, we may now achieve with the simple feat of crashing out of the world’s biggest trading bloc and peace project. So Brexit isn’t all bad, is it, Mr Stevens?