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It’s going to get worse

In an interview with HSJ, the departing Care Quality Commission chief executive Sir David Behan has warned the regulator is expecting a deterioration in care standards across health and social care during 2018-19.

In a stark message, Sir David said the regulator’s modelling has predicted deterioration in ratings between 10 per cent and up to 50 per cent depending on how bad things get.

This is a big red flag to system leaders and the government, and a warning that they need to redouble their efforts to make sure work to improve safety continues to go in the right direction.

The warning may be a concern to many, it should not be a surprise. While it has regularly showed trusts the unpalatable truth about what happens on their wards, the CQC has also stated several times that nationally the system is at risk. A deterioration in standards is perhaps inevitable and comes just as the government gets ready to lessen the purse strings a little. Sir David has effectively said this is too late to stop some people experiencing worse care.

Community relations

The Five Year Forward View has failed NHS community services and a third of community providers cut staff last year, NHS Providers chief executive has said.

Speaking exclusively to HSJ, Chris Hopson said despite being a “compelling and exciting vision” the forward view “never had a proper implementation plan” and has “failed” in its ambition to move more care closer to home.

His comments come as NHS Providers published its report on the state of community services. The report, published today, said a third of community services providers had to make staff cuts in 2017, while 62 per cent said they were worried about their ability to staff services in a year’s time.

Mr Hopson warned the forthcoming 10 year plan for the NHS must not repeat the failures of past plans to deliver on promises to improve community services.

He said: “It’s time to get off the pot. This is the perfect opportunity to really, once and for all, in the plan that follows the prime minister’s funding commitment, we can really follow through on that commitment [to community services] or not… Are we really going to use this opportunity to make it happen or are we going to waste it again?”