HSJ’s roundup of Friday’s key stories

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Urgent matters

NHS England on Friday announced the first wave of urgent and emergency vanguards.

The eight sites, which make up the latest instalment of the new care models programme, will have access to a £200m “transformation fund”.

The vanguards, a number of which are the result of collaboration between several providers in a particular region, are dotted all over the country, from Devon to Yorkshire – as HSJ’s map shows.

NHS England next intends to establish 23 urgent and emergency care networks across England, each covering populations between 1 million and 5 million, to set and monitor standards of care and “designate urgent care facilities”.

HSJ readers appeared to broadly support the initiative, according to their comments, although at least one has reservations: “Who is evaluating this? As a taxpayer I want to know whether this works or whether they have just got some urgent care systems and shoved a load of money and social care resource in. Does it actually work or is it just window dressing?”

Cash in the attic?

Every CCG in England has been told to evaluate the estate within its area to work out how much capital funding can be released by property sales, under a major new national estates plan.

Money raised from sales will be pooled nationally and used to support new care models, HSJ has been told.

Each CCG will also calculate the total upfront investment needed to establish new care models in their area, and determine how much cash can be saved by using estates more efficiently.

The new strategy comes amid growing calls for adequate upfront investment in the Five Year Forward View.

The Health Foundation and the King’s Fund this week jointly proposed a transformation fund worth up at least £1.5bn a year for the next five years to properly test and roll out new models of care.

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