A debate is brewing about whether NHS England is getting too big, and whether some of its powers should be given back to government. You can get up to speed on it with our podcast

The Times reported earlier this month that the government is planning to use a reform of the Lansley Act to rein in NHS England and give ministers more power to direct it.

However, deputy editor Dave West has argued ministers should devolve this power instead. This brings numerous challenges, which we try to dissect on this week’s podcast, and we also discuss areas around the country that have already tried this approach and whether any lessons can be learned from the private sector. 

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After that, we turn our attention to primary care cuts in Birmingham which could adversely affect minority ethnic patients, and then cover the hard-fought new GP contract deal, what it means for primary care networks and what the road ahead for it looks like.

Featuring senior correspondent Annabelle Collins, deputy editor Dave West and correspondents Jack Serle and Katie Hignett.

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