David Lee

David Lee had a long career in the Audit Commission, before joining the NHS in 2012 where he is currently a Strategic Change Lead, managing programmes and projects. These are his own views.

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    David Lee on the prison mental health dilemma


    Not only do mental health trusts work with some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, it sometimes falls to us to support unfashionable causes too.

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    David Lee on delayed transfers of care


    If you have mentioned delayed transfers of care in an unguarded manner to a mental health foundation trust director recently, you might have been struck by a sudden and sharp temperature drop in the room.

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    David Lee on foundation trust constitutions


    In 1968 John Lennon wrote this lyric in the song Revolution: 'You say you'll change the constitutionƒ we all want to change your head'. It is still relevant today.

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    David Lee on integrating care


    Two recent phone calls from different parts of the country got me thinking about what good management can do to make mental health and social care systems tick.

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    David Lee on board to board meetings


    Now that we have over 100 foundation trusts, it is appropriate to set a moment aside for the less fortunate among us: those who have yet to experience the thrills of the 'board to board' meeting with Monitor.

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    David Lee on handling a killing


    One piece of news mental health trust directors dread above almost any other is that of a homicide by a local service user.

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    David Lee on mental health heroes


    As every good HSJ reader knows, good management is not about heroics or donning a Superman costume. Good management in mental health is about supporting local innovation and frontline service improvements.

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    David Lee on foundation trust members


    Foundation trusts are facing an increased focus on their membership development performance.

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    David Lee on foundation trust democracy


    Heard the one about the foundation trust applicant that didn't get enough candidates for its governor elections? No, it's not funny.

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    David Lee on managing risk


    One of the joys of NHS management is that you learn something new every day - sometimes an awful lot. Take, for example, the assurance framework and risk register. Not long ago, if I'd been asked about them in a pub quiz I'd have had to guess. But now I ...

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    HSJ Christmas quiz


    How well do you recall the ups and downs of the NHS in 2007? Test yourself with HSJ's seasonal quiz. And can you identify Santa's reindeers? Answers below

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    Dave Lee on mental health stigma


    Stigma is one of those words used so frequently in the mental health field that you almost expect it to be an acronym for something else. Tackling it is certainly one of the great challenges in mental health, and an area mental health foundation trust applicants are almost statutorily optimistic ...

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    Dave Lee on Darzi's tour


    'Mental health has occasionally painted itself as the eternal Cinderella, with the result that some commissioners feel obliged to treat it accordingly'

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    David Lee on encouraging honesty


    Once again, it is the time of year when a young manager's thoughts turn to the staff survey. The NHS staff survey is the largest of its kind in the world, and annual familiarity can breed contempt. But the results have a way of impacting on organisations' parts that even ...