David Pearson

David Pearson

David was the director of Adult Social Care and Health for 14 years and the deputy chief executive for 10 years with Nottinghamshire County Council before retiring in January 2019.

David has wide experience of leadership at a local, national and regional level in care and health and wider public services.

He is a past president of the Association Directors of Adult Social Services in England and continues to act as an advisor to the government on social care and health reform. He was appointed by the government in November 2017 to be an independent advisor on the Social Care Green Paper in England.

Since the end of March 2020 he has been senior lead for all social care related matters in the NHS and in June 2020 was appointed by the government to the role chair of the COVID – 19 Social Care Support Taskforce which completed its work at the end of August.

He is also currently the independent chair of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Health and Care System.