David Peat

David Peat is chief executive of NHS East Lancashire

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    David Peat on embracing NHS change


    Attitudes to the idea of change have always fascinated me. And I suppose I’m revisiting the concept since I’m on the verge of changing my own role in the NHS by moving on to take up a new post at strategic health authority level.

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    David Peat on PCT provider arms


    The proposed division of primary care trusts’ provider and commissioner arms reminds me of the old legal concept of “one roof with separate rooms”.

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    David Peat on quality life years


    It might seem odd at first glance to think we are doing 'old Joe' a favour by getting him fit and happy enough to pop down to his local for a pint or two with his pals.

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    David Peat on lean times for the NHS


    Without sounding overly biblical, but with the credit crunch in mind, is the NHS facing lean times after years of fat expenditure?

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    David Peat on the NHS learning curve


    You know how you sometimes tend to look at long-past events through rose-tinted glasses, perhaps foolishly allowing yourself to think everything was somehow better 'back in the good old days'?

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    David Peat on hitting targets


    You know how it feels when you hit the target but miss the point?Well, a recent journey to address a health conference in Europe was, to my mind, the perfect example of this.

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    David Peat on 60 years with the NHS


    Call it a fortuitous coincidence if you will, but the NHS and I share the same birthday. Not to the day, but near enough.

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    David Peat on promoting healthy lifestyles


    We all know we should eat less, exercise more, stop smoking and drink less alcohol. But we all ask: where is the fun in that?

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    David Peat on facing up to health inequalities


    I suppose it is human nature to try to focus on the feel-good sides of life and shield ourselves from difficult or unpalatable realities.

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    David Peat on community spirit


    It occurred to me the other day that just as TV soap devotees have Coronation Street, in East Lancashire we have Howard Street. But instead of the Rovers Return being the centre of everything that moves, we have Howard Street's community health centre.

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    David Peat on getting world class commissioning right


    Call them benchmarks, standards or targets, it is no bad thing to have aspirations and the will to achieve. It is also good to be put on the spot sometimes, to help streamline the process and refine best practice.

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    David Peat on turning health policy into action


    One of the eternal dilemmas for a chief executive is to translate the words of policy documents into meaningful action on the front line

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    Health inequalities: the great divide


    Adding a million years to the lives of East Lancashire's population requires a big push by local partnerships, says David Peat

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    David Peat on ending the enslavement of health inequalities


    Overcoming health inequalities that have built up over generations will take vision and determination

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    David Peat on sharing good practice


    'Our European health colleagues listened intently as I told them how our working together principles operated'

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    David Peat on letting go


    'As soon as the SS Rest and Relaxation draws near another port, you can see groups of slightly anxious-looking passengers veering to the landward side of the vessel and proclaiming: 'Houston, we have a signal!''

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    David Peat on fitness for purpose


    'Fitness for purpose has given us intelligence, new understandings and insights into the changing role of being a fully fledged commissioner in the new NHS. It has.helped us respond to the new realities and changes that have taken place in our relationships in and outside the NHS'

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    David Peat on Life on Mars (NHS-style)


    'Much has been achieved in medicine and health, yet we have major issues surrounding obesity, alcohol abuse, sexual behaviour and drugs. We can't moralise, but some of the difficulties of 1970s society have morphed into new and sometimes exaggerated forms'

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    David Peat on choice


    I suppose it's a generation thing. Choice, that is. And come to think of it, consumer power in general.

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    David Peat on lost baggage and fielding complaints


    'I always try to acknowledge a complaint myself when it arrives on our doorstep, and I always sign off our response. It helps me keep in touch with patients' perceptions - their sense of grievance, injustice or perplexity.'

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