COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY: Derby Hospitals Foundation Trust has designed a decontamination “door” for hospital wards, crime scenes and fire-ravaged buildings costing nearly £600 a piece.

The inflatable barrier is primarily aimed at sealing off areas of hospital wards to make decontamination easier, quicker and more cost effective. The trust hopes similar sized organisations with around 1,200 beds will consider buying at least five of the doors.

However, it is also hoped the door could be used in other sectors, such as in police work for sealing off crime scenes, or with the fire service to seal off areas after a fire or during clean up or asbestos removal.

The door is on sale for £599, which includes a holdall and air pump. Derby Hospitals will receive 30 per cent of the profit from these sales, and as part of the manufacturing deal with AirQuee Ltd the trust will receive 10 Derby Doors over the next couple of months.