FINANCE: The current forecast year end position for primary care is a £1.3m overspend.

This is an improvement of £117,000 from month seven. In order to maintain this position the PCT has agreed that any discussions with primary care practitioners that could commit the PCT to additional expenditure are to be agreed with finance before those discussions take place.

The forecast position has been improved by a reduction in the forecasted activity at the walk-in centre in Ilkeston of £204,000 and additional underperformance identified in dental contracts of £191,000. This has however been partially offset by an overspend of £210,000 on the new Patient Participation Directed Enhanced Service due to better than anticipated achievement levels.

There remains a large overspend on smoking cessation and it is unlikely the PCT can address this in the remainder of the financial year, although the position remains static. The PCT intends to serve three months’ notice with all current providers and then look to commission a more cost effective service for next year within the financial envelope we have.