• Private company Sodexo has agreed to pay staff same as those on NHS pay deal
  • Unison said government needs to properly fund pay deal for all health workers

Catering staff employed by private company Sodexo at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust have been given a pay rise after two days on strike.

Catering workers last week announced strike action as, according to trade union Unison, the facilities management company “refused to give its workers the same pay rise as that agreed last year for health staff employed by the NHS”.

Staff first went on strike on 1 May and had planned 11 further days of action throughout the month.

After two days of industrial action, Sodexo agreed to pay the NHS pay deal in full.

Around 70 members of staff, predominantly women, were transferred from the trust to the private company in January 2017.

The government promised last year to fund the pay rise deal agreed for Agenda for Change, which covers more than one million NHS employees. 

Sue Cookman, Unison regional organiser, said: “This is down to the sheer determination of these workers and shows what can be achieved when they stand together to fight for what they are owed.”

Ms Cookman added: “These are NHS workers through and through, and their commitment to the NHS is unwavering, no matter who employs them.

“The government needs to properly fund the NHS pay deal for all health service workers, including those who have been outsourced.”