STRUCTURE: The board of Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust has raised concerns about taking on responsibility for property from local primary care trusts.

A paper to March’s board meeting recommended the board delay taking on assets from NHS Bournemouth and Poole and NHS Dorset due to concerns about the impact on the trust’s financial risk rating and a lack of clarity on the requirements to achieve health secretary approval to sell a property.

The report noted taking on the properties would give the community and mental health provider the opportunity “to review premises across Dorset to optimise the use of these places and potentially to reduce running costs”. If any of the premises were sold the trust would benefit by “50% of any profit” while the health secretary would retain the other half.

A spokeswoman for the trust said the assetts had been transferred but the transfer remained “subject to the Monitor Risk Rating” and “advice and information as to how the transfer arrangements are to be effected in practice by the Secretary of State for Health”.