FINANCE: Preparations for healthcare provision during the London 2012 Olympic sailing events in Dorset are at “serious” risk due to a lack of identified funding.

With less than nine months to go until the until the opening ceremony, NHS Dorset has still not heard whether it will receive any of the extra cash it has requested to provide extra primary and acute capacity during the two months “Gamestime” next year.

Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust has been approached by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games to be a designated Olympic hospital, meaning it would be used to treat any competitors or members of the Olympic family. Yet it has not signed a memorandum of understanding with LOCOG due to concerns about the financial implications.

NHS South West submitted a bid for £2.8m from the Department of Health to cover the costs, £1m less than the amount requested by the primary care trust.

A report to the board reveals South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust has been assured it will receive the money it needs but there has been “no indication to date the remaining areas of the bid are likely to receive any additional funds”.

The report continues: “Funding remains a serious and outstanding risk to Olympic health planning…The lack of an identified source of funding has significantly hindered discussions with key providers, particularly around the commissioning of any additional capacity in services.”