The latest HSJ Innovation Through Technology supplement looks at how NHS organisations are improving services using cloud computing and electronic patient records are

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Information management

Many NHS organisations have applications and clinical information stored and collected across a bewildering number of different systems. Establishing a modern, centrally managed data centre and putting all applications and data into a private “cloud” can make data sharing and systems integration much easier, as well as saving electricity, requiring fewer IT engineers and taking up less physical space.


Businesses have used CRM (customer relationship management) systems for years to improve service and grow revenues. Now NHS trusts are starting to use them to improve the patient experience, win more contracts, create efficiencies, and engage with stakeholders such as local GPs or foundation trust members.

Electronic records

Paper patient records contain a vast amount of useful information. More and more trusts are now looking to scan and digitise them with the help of character recognition technology to make this information far more accessible − and also cut costs, improve patient safety and free up much needed space that has historically been taken up by miles of patient notes.

Hello clouds − an HSJ innovation supplement