FINANCE: At the end of January East and North Hertfordshire Trust was £1.2m behind its planned surplus.

The trust’s finance report said: “For the month of January, the trust’s financial plan forecast a net surplus of £281,000. However, the Trust delivered a net deficit of £473,000 which is £754,000 short of the original plan for the month.”

It said January had been “another difficult month” with significant loss due to excess non elective admissions. It said the three man issues were:

  • The moratorium on service change has restricted the Trust’s [Capital Improvement] programme by £1.2m in 2010-11.
  • Loss of tariff income due to the 30 per cent marginal rate on excess non-elective activity, estimated to be £1.6m by March 2011
  • Failure to achieve full reimbursement on oncology high cost drugs at the Lister Hospital, estimated impact £0.6m.”

However the report noted: “Following guidance from the Department of Health regarding the application of the marginal tariff rate during exceptional winter circumstances, the trust is receiving (or not being penalised to the value of) £1.25m.

“This includes an element of specific winter pressures funding recently allocated to PCTs from the Department in Health. This funding is included as income in the year to date position.”