COMMERCIAL: East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust has procured a clinical portal as part of attempts to improve efficiency and patient care.

The trust has bought Harris Healthcare’s Clinical Integration Platform to help fulfill its plans of providing a paperless and mobile clinical environment.

The trust, which has signed a pilot agreement for 500 licences, will use the clinical portal to enable the organisation to bring together patient information from numerous different clinical systems that currently work in isolation.

The initial phase of the implementation will integrate data from six major clinical systems including the trust’s patient administration system, pathology system, document management system, vital signs monitoring system, PACS and theatres system.

Bob Reeves, head of IT at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust said: “We have chosen to pilot the use of a clinical portal solution across three clinical specialities with the intention that it provides the technology to enable staff to operate more efficient and paperless clinics in line with the trust’s IT strategy and the government’s challenge to create a paperless NHS by 2018.”

In combination with Imprivata’s OneSign Single-Sign On the clinical portal will automatically log in, draw and present relevant patient information from each of the systems and provide it on a single screen.

In addition, the system will also be setup to enable doctors to order standard diagnostic tests quickly and confirm receipt of results.