PERFORMANCE: The trust has signed up to Mencap’s ‘getting it right’ charter, which sets out how hospital staff should ensure that patients with a learning disability experience a high standard of care that meets their needs.

By signing the charter the trust has pledged to:

  • make sure that hospital passports are available and used
  • make sure that all our staff understand and apply the principles of mental capacity laws
  • appoint a learning disability liaison nurse in our hospital(s)
  • make sure every eligible person with a learning disability can have an annual health check
  • provide ongoing learning disability awarenesstraining for all staff
  • listen to, respect and involve families and carers
  • provide practical support and information to families and carers
  • provide information that is accessible for people with a learning disability
  • display the Getting it right principles for everyone to see.

The trust said it was already testing a “patient passport” for people with learning disabilities and working with the community learning disability teams to create liaison nurses.