PERFORMANCE: The trust’s February performance would have been rated amber-green against foundation trust regulator Monitor’s compliance framework, a report to its April board meeting states.

The trust included the assessment of its performance against foundation trust standards as a “shadow report” on its February performance, in anticipation of including it routinely from the start of 2011-12.

The report stated: “These are the indicators that Monitor will review during our FT trajectory and will determine together with our other finance and governance risk ratings whether we are authorised [as an FT].”

It continued: “Our service performance score based on shadow monitoring in February 2011 totals 1.5 [where less than one means a green rating and more than four means a red rating] which equates to an amber-green rating. However, the main risk areas going forward into 2011-12 are Stroke (TIA) and the A/E indicators for re-attendances and time to first assessment.

“Failure on any other indicator would result in amber-red and risk our progression to FT hence we need to achieve the remaining targets in the 1st quarter of 2011-12 to ensure a fully green rating and create some headroom.”