FINANCE: NHS East Sussex Downs and Weald has revised its end of year forecast to a deficit of £11m, instead of the £5.6m surplus in its original plan.  

The primary care trust, which is part of the Sussex cluster, originally forecast a year end forecast of £5.6m.

However, after the first four months of the financial year ending on 31 July, the PCT has revised this to a risk adjusted loss of £11m. It has a total budget for 2011-12 of £559m.

Board papers said: “In order to achieve the position being reported £1,525,000 of contingency has been released in the month, indicating the degree of risk ESDW faces.

“After including all known risks and opportunities, including slippage on the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plan, at the end of month four the PCT has net uncovered risks of £16.7m in the mid case scenario. A plan is being developed to cover these risks in order to ensure that the forecast position is achieved.”