FINANCE: The primary care trust has rated its year-to-date position as “amber” due to lack of data on expenditure in key areas.

The PCT’s finance report for the first three months of the year, ending 30 June, says it is £25,000 ahead of plan and is still forecasting a surplus of around £5.6m.

However, the report warns that this assumption is based on limited information and non delivery of quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) savings remains a major risk to the planned end-of-year position.

It states: “The overall year-to-date position though not (yet) behind plan is rated amber because of the paucity of data.”

It notes that information with regards to service level agreement performance, prescribing expenditure, and continuing health care spend was not available for the first two months of 2011-12 when the report was compiled.

“Therefore the majority of expenditure has been assumed to be within budget,” the report says, but notes that the “early indication was that an over-performance against the SLA values was expected”.

The report adds: “The budget has been set and requires the PCT to deliver £33m of savings during 2011-12. The majority of these savings have been deducted from budgets.

“The full year position remains at risk… Late or non delivery of QIPP savings remains the key risk.”