FINANCE: The primary care trust is £2m behind on its year-end forecast surplus of 3.6m.

It is currently reporting a year to date surplus of £2.29m, which is £2.87m behind plan in spite of the release of a contingency of £2.8m and reserves totalling £5.9m.

It highlights the major reasons for this position as a £14m over-performance in acute activity, and a forecast £780,000 shortfall in provider services.

The PCT’s latest finance report said: “A year to date deficit of £592,000 is being recorded by provider services, this is a small improvement from last month. A detailed review is being undertaken to confirm the forecast outturn position for the year. Currently we are forecasting £780,000 overspend.”

It also warned that it was still faced with £2m of “uncovered risks” not included in the current position, and that the achievement of the £3.6m forecast “continues to be tight”.

It said: “If these risks were to crystallise then the achievement of the… surplus of £3,642,000 would be extremely challenging.”

The PCT added that any deficit would be shared with its neighbour NHS Hastings and Rother, with which it works closely and has shared a single management team since 2006.

The report stated: “A deficit position, if it occurs, will need to be apportioned between the two PCTs and is reflected in the risks and opportunities.”