PERFORMANCE: East Sussex Healthcare Trust’s performance on mixed sex breaches collapsed to the second worst in the country in October due to a “surge in severely ill patients requiring admission”.

It recorded 11 breaches of the Department of Health’s guidelines on mixed sex accommodation in September. But data published this month showed this had jumped to 169 breaches in October, making it the worst performer in the South East Coast region.

Nationally, East Sussex was the second worst performer, behind only Barts and The London Trust with 288 breaches.

A statement from East Sussex said: “Unfortunately, there were a few of days in October when we experienced a sudden surge in severely ill patients requiring admission. This led to one of our day units being used to admit inpatients requiring an operation.  

“The trust is committed to minimising cancelled operations and for this short period of time exceptional measures were introduced to ensure patients requiring an operation could be admitted. Whilst from a quality perspective patients were cared for well, some patients had to change behind closed curtains into theatre gowns in order to go to theatre.”

Meanwhile Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust saw its performance improve dramatically in October following the opening of its new, all single room hospital at Pembury. It recorded 190 breaches in September but only six during October.