PERFORMANCE: East Sussex Healthcare Trust has become fully compliant with care standards set by the Care Quality Commission.

The regulator has this month published reports following unannounced inspections in January to Eastbourne District General Hospital and Conquest Hospital.

The reports show the trust is now fully compliant in remaining two areas where the CQC previously had concerns – “Management of medicines” and “Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision”. 

They recognise the significant progress the trust has made to improve the quality of care it provides following the CQC inspection two years ago. Improvements made in the areas inspected include:

  • Improved storage and security of medicines at ward level
  • Speeding up the supply of prescription medicine at discharge
  • Introduction of robust board assurance about the quality of services provided to patients
  • Board and senior management visibility through “walk around” visits
  • Sharing information and lessons learnt from incidents
  • Weekly random audits of patient documentation by ward matrons
  • Responsiveness to complaints

Trust chief executive Darren Grayson said: “It is pleasing to see the tremendous improvements we have made recognised by the CQC.

“Two years ago, following the original inspections, I was always very open and honest and said that the improvements required in the quality of care at the trust would take time to deliver and require large scale cultural and service change. 

“Although we have achieved our goal and become fully compliant it is not a time to become complacent,” he added.