FINANCE: East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has fallen behind on its financial plan in the middle of the second quarter of 2012-13, due to agency spend and unexpected 18-weeks activity.

The trust had planned to be in surplus by £882,000 in August.

However, board papers show the year to date position for the trust in August was an adjusted deficit of £1,818,000 and an adverse variance against plan of £2,700,000.

The papers stated: “Total income was £1,705,000 better than plan, accounting for the higher than expected activity around 18-weeks and continued over-performance of emergency activity due to the non-delivery of audacious goals.

“Net contract income is £1,854,000 above the phased capped plan. This will need to be recovered during the rest of the year as commissioners have made clear that there will be no additional funding.”

The papers added that the trust had marginally under-performed on its CRES delivery by £147,000, payroll costs were £2,074,000 above budget and 18-weeks activity was higher than anticipated, with a total spend of £4,378,000.

The year to date position at the end of August was an amber rating of two.

Its annual plan hoped for a £2.8m surplus at the end of the financial year.