FINANCE:  East Sussex is projected to be £5m over spent on its service level agreement plan and £7.6m over budget with Sussex PCTs at the end of the year – the third worst forecast in the county.

The Sussex Commissioning Support Unit made the prediction based on provider monitoring returns for the first two months of the financial year.

It said elective activity was currently higher than planned for the first two months of the year.

First attendances were less than planned but follow up attendances were higher than planned and increasing, while non-elective activity is also slightly under plan at the end of May.

The report also said the trust was failing to meet a number of performance targets.

For example, it was failing four out of five A&E targets – currently achieving the 95 per cent target for patients seen within four hours – and there had been 8 breaches of the single sex accommodation standard.

It was also failing on a number of cancer waits targets and on the 18 week wait standard.

The trust is one of two in Sussex that are categorised as ‘’challenged’’.