PERFORMANCE: East Sussex Healthcare’s performance on mixed sex breaches worsened dramatically last month, recording the highest number in the South East Coast region.

It recorded 11 breaches of the Department of Health’s guidelines on mixed sex accommodation in September. However, latest data show the trust had 169 breaches during October.

Overall it had a breach rate of 16.8 for October, up from 1.1 for the previous month.

By region, the majority of breaches during October were in NHS London, 482, followed by the NHS South East Coast with 335.

The worst offenders in the South East Coast region were East Sussex Healthcare followed by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Previously Brighton and Sussex, and Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust were the worst performers in the region. However, the latter fully opened its new, all singe room hospital at Pembury last month.

Only Barts and The London NHS Trust had a worse performance than East Sussex during October, with 288 breaches.