PERFORMANCE: Two wards at a hospital in Sussex had to be closed to new admissions for 48 hours last year after an outbreak of scabies.

A serious incident activity report presented to the board of East Sussex Hospitals Trust last month revealed the presence of the highly infectious skin disease among more usual infection control problems including C difficile, MRSA and norovirus.

The report noted that a “scabies outbreak” affecting the Baird, Egerton and Irvine units at the trust’s Conquest Hospital was reported on 18 November.

A trust spokesman said: “This outbreak involved two patients. Three wards were affected as the patients had been transferred between them before scabies had been diagnosed.

“As a precaution to ensure there was no spread of infection, two of the wards were closed to new admissions for 48 hours and the patients and staff were treated.”

Among the eight serious incidents reported by the trust in November, one was classed as a “never event”.  This involved the failure to remove a throat pack from a patient following dental surgery.