STRUCTURE: The emerging clinical commissioning group in Thanet is launching a “health network” to help inform its decision making.

Thanet CCG represents around 80 GPs in 21 practices.

It has set up the Thanet Health Network to encourage local people to get involved in the decision-making process and help to influence and inform local priorities for health. The network will be launched on 11 June.

CCG chair Tony Martin, from Bethesda Surgery in Cliftonville, said: “As GPs, we are keen to ensure that we listen to patients’ views and are responsive to their needs when we start to plan healthcare in this area. The Thanet Health Network is part of this process.

“Anyone who lives or works in Thanet is welcome to join the Thanet Health Network, which aims to consult as widely as possible about our health care commissioning plans, and take forward the views of local people.”

Dr Martin said it would be possible to join the network as an individual, as a group, or as an organisation. Contact with the CCG could be made through local meetings, letter, email or social media.