Well, we have managed yet another move with bodies and minds largely intact, bar the odd bruise or 10.

The new neighbourhood isn't exactly Kensington but it is certainly a lot more pleasant than where we were before, which, after eight years, was starting to seriously lose its appeal to the Dent household.

I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to sit in my living room and not be able to hear a single siren or police helicopter.

Anyway, I will have to make certain adjustments - get used to life without a garden but with a kitchen more than a metre square, for instance. I may also get more exercise as the bus to work is now a good 15-minute walk rather than a two-minute dash away. (The supremely lazy option, which I confess I took this morning, is taking the bus to the bus stop. As this is my first day at work after moving time will tell if I repeat this on my way home or end the working day with a brisk stroll.)

I also have to find another GP as yet another change in postcodes means the old surgery won't keep us on.

My fellow columnist Noel Plumridge recently pondered on whether it was worth registering with a GP and the best way to choose one. I will not attempt to match the great Mr P's discussion and anyway, as readers may remember, choice does not really apply here. It is often more a case of taking what you can get.

I had hopes of a surgery five minutes from the new abode but as it is in the neighbouring primary care trust (our nearest main road serves as the boundary between two PCTs and councils) I suppose we can forget that.

I have just checked NHS Choices, which, as usual in my experience, gives a long list of options that are not helpful or practical. I think it doesn't like only giving you GPs in the immediate vicinity of a postcode because it would be a short list, but if there is not an ice cream in hell's chance of getting into one nearly a mile away, what is the point, exactly?

So I'm off to hit the phones in pursuit of a surgery with hopefully more than one GP, at least one practice nurse and a waiting room that doesn't look like something out of a Soviet era train station. Wish me luck.