'And how could I get fit? I loathe gyms. I always have'

So here we are. By the time you read this, the initial shock of the new year will have worn off. I am writing this on the first day back at work: getting up this morning was a struggle and getting back into the HSJmindset interesting, as I have spent the past two weeks aiming to avoid health policy as much as possible.

In the main I was successful, although my travels up north enabled me to experience, in a public health fashion, certain extremes of lifestyle.

One day I was walking around a town centre watching 19-year-olds wave lit cigarettes over the tender heads of their children as they pushed their double buggies. On another I was strolling on the Yorkshire Dales while hearty walkers and cyclists took off for the tops, undeterred by encroaching mist and rain. In between I just ate too much.

So, January. A month of empty bank accounts, tenderised livers and catching colds.

And yes, the time for New Year resolutions. So should I be resolving and if so, what to do?

As I have already given up smoking should I resolve to 'get fit'? Which definition of 'fit' could I pertain to achieve, though?

Although now fitter than I used to be - giving up cigarettes means I can run for a bus without needing to lie down afterwards - aspiring to Paula Radcliffe levels of fitness might be a tad ambitious. Inevitably, some reality TV show is preparing to take Joe Normal and turn them into Linford Christie as we speak, but I would not be a suitable candidate.

And how could I get fit? I loathe gyms. I always have, despite once being in the bemusing position of writing about health and fitness for a living.

I prefer to go for a walk instead, it's much cheaper and there are fewer intimidatingly healthy looking people to be forced to exercise next to. Our New Year's Day stroll was a cross between an episode of Cold Feetand sitting in an accident and emergency waiting room, such were the numbers of small children and hungover 20-somethings loping about.

But one does not always want to walk and it still gets dark awfully early. So, suggestions please. My lung capacity and I wait in anticipation.