An HSJ virtual forum tomorrow will discuss how the NHS should drop the ‘single use’ mindset which has accelerated during covid, to protect the environment. 

The HSJ Sustainability Forum on 8 June is open to senior healthcare leaders to register.

Infection control and the use of personal protective equipment during the pandemic has involved huge amounts of items being adopted for single sessions and single use.

The virtual forum, which will hear from NHS England chief sustainability officer Nick Watts, will discuss how to best shift away from this “mindset”, which had also sparked concerns before the pandemic.

It will also discuss shifts in thinking about lung health and air pollution due to covid.

HSJ Sustainability Virtual Forum

The HSJ Sustainability Virtual Forum will be held on 8 June 2021. NHS Trust chief executives and sustainability leaders from across the system will come together to discuss strategies to achieve a greener NHS. Lead discussions will be around environmental sustainability and the role of the NHS in addressing the country’s climate emergency.

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