A tribute to Alasdair Liddell, who died on 31 December 2012, aged 63

I was so sorry to read of Alasdair Liddell’s untimely death on The Guardian online last Friday.

I came to know him in the early 1990s when I was in newly formed NHS Executive and the performance manager for the East Anglian region and he was the chief executive, and later when he was in the NHS Executive.

He was always very courteous to me despite my being relatively low in the food chain and my having some naïve views at times, with none of the macho posturing that some senior execs could display.

He was one of those great and committed NHS managers who was always worth listening to, and he led a great team in East Anglian region. We need more like him in the NHS but they broke the mould.

Mike Horah, retired Department of Health and NHS Executive manager